USTLG Autumn 2012 Meeting – Engaging science and technology students

Location: University of Portsmouth
Theme: Engaging science and technology students
Engaging chemistry students: finding data and drawing compounds
Linda Humphreys
University of Bath
Presentation (PDF)
Engaging students with social networking
Timothy Collinson and Emily White
University of Portsmouth

Article: White, Emily and Collinson, Timothy (2010) Exterminating boredom: synergy and creativity in an academic library. ALISS Quarterly, 6 (1). pp. 26-31.
Presentation pt 1
Presentation pt 2
Presentation notes
It’s a library knockout! engagement activity
Adam Edwards
Middlesex University
Presentation (PDF)
USTLG tweet summary December 2012 (Carole Rhodes, Liverpool)
USTLG Autumn 2012 Meeting Report – page 6 of the RSC CICAG Newsletter Spring 2013 (Hannah Morgan, Nottingham)

One Response to USTLG Autumn 2012 Meeting – Engaging science and technology students

  1. Erica Wine says:

    I am seeking permission to re-use some of the slides on the following presentation:
    Engaging Students with Social Networking (Part 1), USTLG 4th December 2012 by
    Emily White & Timothy Collinson.
    In particular, I am interested in slides 2, 10 and 11.
    Thank you

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