USTLG Autumn 2010 Meeting – The role of libraries in the research process

Keble College, University of Oxford

THEME: The role of libraries in the research process

Full report (PDF)

An academic perspective on libraries supporting research 

Prof. Richard Darton
Department of Engineering, University of Oxford


Presentation (PDF)

Update on Research Excellence Framework 

Kimberley Hacket
REF Team


Presentation (PDF)

Research metrics 

Anne Costigan
University of Bradford


Presentation (PDF)

Citations count! Experience of providing researcher training on bibliometrics, citations and Open Access publishing 

Kate Bradbury
Cardiff University


Presentation (PDF)

WIREs – a new concept in publishing 

Alexa Dugan
John Wiley & Sons


Presentation (PDF)

Finding the known unknowns and the unknown knowns 

Yvonne Nobis
University of Cambridge


No Presentation

Researcher@Library – becoming part of the research cycle 

Katy Sidwell and Sara Thornes
University of Leeds

Presentation (PDF) 

Wheel of research (PDF)