USTLG Spring 2011 Meeting – Information Literacy

Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences (ICOSS), University of Sheffield

THEME: Information Literacy

Information Literacy and the role of the supervisor 

Sheila Webber
University of Sheffield

Presentation (Slideshare)
Rebuilding the Seven Pillars: a new approach to an old model 

Moira Bent
University of Newcastle


Presentation (PDF)

Research Skills teaching across the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences 

Evi Tramantza
University of Surrey

Presentation (PDF)
Creating an online tutorial on academic writing skills 

David Stacey
University of Bath


Presentation (PDF)

Standards and standardization within Higher Education 

Newell Hampson-Jones


Presentation (PDF)

A reusable online information skills tutorial for researchers: a collaborative approach 

Jenny Coombs, University of Nottingham, and
Liz Martin, de Montfort University

Presentation (PDF)
Improving the teaching of the literature review in Civil Engineering 

Elizabeth Gadd
Loughborough University

Presentation (PDF)