USTLG Spring 2018 – Innovative outreach methods

THEME: Innovative outreach methods

Love letters and cognitive maps: UX techniques for outreach and feedback
Laura Woods 
University of Huddersfield
Many minds, one voice: creative ideas for social media
Zelda Chatten & Clair Sharpe
University of Liverpool
AccessEngineering: seamless online access to the world’s best-known Engineering content
Gemma Goodbourn & Steve Chapman
McGraw-Hill Education
PDF guide
The Impact! Game: Moving from bored to board
Georgina Parsons & Emma Turner
Cranfield University
Pop Up and get noticed – making the library service visible
Karen Goodwin & Jo Picton
Middlesex University
You said: we did….: student outreach and shaping future services at the OU library
Wendy Mears & Jude Bennett
Open University

Tweets from the day: USTLG May 2018 on Wakelet

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